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Ullmann for Agime escort wrote:
This policy is effective immediately as of 10am EDT 9/4/2015 and we'll handle threads posted prior on a case by case basis. If in doubt, even if a post you're responding to has suspected non-conforming language, don't respond with similar language simply because it's there. Report it to moderation and respond in a conforming manner. see the review
Plums for Sozanah escort wrote:
I'm not sure if this thread belongs here, or what, so feel free to move it mods if necessary. see the review
Tailzie for Tung Yun escort wrote:
He's told me me quote "I enjoy talking to you, I genuinely care how your day is going, and I'm more open and honest with you than i've been with anyone in my life." see the review
Releasee for Siyona escort wrote:
Conversely, he still goes on dates, and I know he's on date #5 with this one girl. We talk about everything. see the review
Meijer for Penta escort wrote:
I'm now sitting here puzzled. Did this guy develop feelings? see the review
Schauen for Malshin escort wrote:
He's putting his feelers out to see if you would be available. If you don't give him any comments or signals, he's not going to ask you out. see the review
Anglophobe for Neressa escort wrote:
I dated some guy who was very much into fitness s and it was forking exhausting. We would have never been a fit. I got a couple of injuries from when I dated him and I have at least one scar and one leftover pain in my knee to prove it lol see the review
Eprintf for Aenne escort wrote:
I've tried to show this in my OLD profile but it's hard to find full length photographs. see the review
Indebted for Ann Walli escort wrote:
I KNOW guys on the whole don't like bigger women. see the review
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